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Skin and Bones began when I decided that my favorite messy hobby had grown too big for my main blog, and deserved its own space in the blogosphere. I started cleaning and collecting animal bones in the summer of 2015 when a family friend gave me some dirt-encrusted sheep skulls, and since then my bone collection has only gotten bigger!

While my hobby has grown, one of the major challenges in this endeavor has always been a lack of space. Since I live in a townhouse in the suburbs, certain cleaning methods – for example, burial – aren’t viable options, as I don’t have a yard, a basement, or even much in the way of privacy from my neighbors. I’m not keen on the idea of keeping a tank full of dermestid beetles, either, so my go-to strategy has always been to macerate any bones I find. This also means that I’m limited somewhat by what kind of remains I can bring home to clean.

Luckily, bone cleaning isn’t completely impossible without access to a backyard or outside workspace! By sharing my experiences, as well as tips and techniques I’ve learned in the process, I’m hoping that this blog will inspire readers and maybe even encourage them to start their own collections… you might be surprised at how many opportunities there are to find bones, even if you live near the city.

Finally, I’d like to offer something of a disclaimer and reminder to all of my readers. Although I’ve been cleaning bones for a while now, I still consider myself new to the process; this blog is an ongoing project and learning experience for me, and I’m by no means a professional! I welcome constructive criticism, feedback, and suggestions, so don’t be shy if you have a comment or question (though be sure to check the FAQ page first – I may have answered it already).

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