Soaking is slow business

This week’s update isn’t too exciting, since most of my bones are still in a degreasing bath, but the mystery bones are looking and smelling a much less rank after a few more days of soaking. The water alone looks much clearer than it did last week, and I was even able to look at one of the vertebrae close enough to see little teeth marks from a scavenger that had obviously helped strip the bones clean.

After I replaced the water for that batch, I managed to chip away a bit more of the adipocere coating those deer scapulae, too.

I’ve decided to try soaking the scapulae in a maceration bath with the other bones, as it should help loosen more of the adipocere and make it easier to remove. While I’ll be changing the water on this batch fairly regularly, I probably won’t write another post until I make some significant progress on the mystery bones or the scapulae. So things will be a little quiet on Skin and Bones for a couple of weeks, but don’t worry! I’ll be back with more updates on all of my bones in mid- or late-July. Stay tuned!


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